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US Air Force reviews RAFMAF Banquet

The 2019 RAFMAF ‘Spirit of the Battle of Britain’ Banquet celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift, with guests of honor including Colonel Gail Halvorsen (pictured), the Candy Bomber, who dropped sweets and chocolate for the children of the war-damaged and divided city.

The US Air Force highlighted the stories told on that evening by Colonel Halvorsen, Mercedes Wild – who, as a seven-year-old resident of Berlin at the time of the blockade, contacted the US airman – and former RAF pilot Captain Derek Hermiston, who flew gasoline into Berlin, aged just 19. Read the story here.

Preparations are well under way for the 2020 RAFMAF ‘Spirit of the Battle of Britain’ Banquet, which this year will celebrate achievements in Space.


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