The RAFMAF supports the RAF Museum's apprentice program through financial support made possible by donor contributions.  The program is an exchange of technical students (apprentices) between the US and the UK wit the aim of giving them a global understanding of respective work cultures and procedures. 

Based on the RAF Museum's Apprentice training program, operated at its Conservation Center in conjunction with the Defense College of Aeronautical Engineering and telford College of Art and Technology.

This year's exchange was highly successful with three apprentices accomplishing work and education at the Udvar-Hazy Center, the NASM on the Mall, and the Garber Facility at Silver Hills, MD.  Activities included work and movement preparation on the Horten Flying Wing and the Apollo Space Telescope.

Royal Air Force Museum American Foundation

In 2009 the RAFMAF instituted the Sword of Honor, to be presented annually to the RAF officer on exchange with the  USAF who has contributed most in the previous year to relations between our two great nations and their air forces.  In 2012, another Sword was added to recognize the most outstanding USAF officer on exchange with the RAF. 

The Swords are an embodiment of the Foundation's mission to strengthen and educate present and future generations about the importance of the special UK/US relationship within the field of aviation.  They recognize the excellent work of exchange officers on both sides of the Atlantic.  

The RAFMAF welcomes contributors from all sectors to sponsor the Swords Award presentation.  

The RAFMAF is honored to host the Battle of Britain Commemorative Dinner each year in Washington D.C.  The Dinner brings together government, military, diplomatic, and industry leaders from both nations to honor not only the special relationship between the US and UK, but also to honor veterans from both countries.

The Dinner serves as the primary fund raiser for the RAFMAF and it's ongoing service projects.  Sponsorships for the Dinner are permitted and requested.  Contributors, donors, and sponsors come from all sectors of defense, aviation, and international business.  Apart from sponsorships, attendance is by invitation only.  Contact Maj Gen Fred Roggero for sponsorship or attendance information.   

The Dinner is conducted as an RAF Formal Mess with script, timing, and traditional toasts and honors.   The  Dinner is Chaired by the assigned British Air Attache to the United States.  

In June 2103 the RAF Museum undertook the recovery of the last known Dornier 17 Bomber from the sea-bed in the Goodwin Sands.  The Dornier 17 was a two-engine fast bomber developed in the early 1930s and saw participation the early part of WWII.  Production ended in 1941 ane the few aircraft that survived the war were scrapped in the early 1950s.  

Finding and recovering the last known Dornier 17 is a tremendous undertaking.  The complex project utilized a number of ground breaking techniques for underwater recovery and conservation.  On 18 June 2013 the Dornier was successfully lifted from the sea-bed and later transported to Cosford for conservation.

While mostly funded by the  National Heritage Memorial Fund, the RAFMAF is pleased to provide additional support and funding.  The RAFMAF supports the RAF Museum's to display the aircraft to the public within the next two years.