The Foundation seeks to raise funds to support its stated objectives through personal contacts with potential donors and through surface and electronic means.  It does not raise funds through direct mailing solicitations or similar means.

The Foundation encourage's support of the Museum's educational programs and capital projects.  The Foundation also seeks long term and lasting support through endowment and legacy gifts.. 

The Foundation places great emphasis on bi-lateral education programs and projects, especially those that benefit American and British collaboration.

The Foundation will accept donations for general support of the Museum, funds for particular projects, and gifts in kind which relate to future projects.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Royal Air Force Museum American Foundation

The Royal Air Force Museum American Foundation exists to ensure the shared aviation heritage of the United States of America and the United Kingdom is kept alive in the memories of our two great nations.  In war and in peace, the Royal Air Force and the air forces of the United States of America have stood together to defeat the enemies of freedom. 

The Royal Air Force Museum American Foundation is a celebration of the shared values that have joined together the fighting airmen and airwomen of our two great nations in the past and promote closer cooperation and understanding in the future. 

Fund Raising

To provide funds and other means for underpinning the Royal AIr Force Museum's programs of acquisition, conservation, interpretation, education, and training.

To build Anglo-American bridges of opportunity through youth and education initiatives and within exhibitions, research, publications, professional training, media ventures and museum partnering. 

To encourage future generations toward lively understandings of aerospace disciplines, and toward an appreciation of science and social history expressed in technology.

To champion those common values that permit the services of the two countries to respond together to the challenges to freedom and peace.